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Leveldale Farms

Established 1852, Mason City Illinois

"Top quality genetics in Shorthorn, and Durham Reds "


2015 Leveldale Investment Sale

September 19th 2015
Leveldale Farms - Mason City IL

On Saturday September 19th 2015, The Leveldale Team will be welcoming consignors BSG, CF and PVR for the 2015 Leveldale Investment Sale! All are bringing you excellent consignments. Cagwin Farms has long been known in breeding and marketing Shorthorn cattle successfully throughout the world and we are very happy to have Don and his family join us for the sale. Bowman Superior Genetics and Peak View Ranch bring cattle from two of the most highly performance documented programs in the beef industry-- emphasizing utility traits - including carcass data!

Our family is bringing you individuals and genetics that we strongly feel can help advance the beef industry and your program! We pride ourselves in MULTITRAIT Selection!! We strive to develop “ELASTIC” cattle that can adapt and thrive in many environments! Reproduction and low maintenance traits are necessities for our program. We select very attractive cattle, but that is just one of the many important traits to be part of Leveldale. There are obviously calves that can win fairs in this offering and many individuals who can raise such-- but we strive for even more...

Please take a few minutes to have a look at our Leveldale Investment Sale Video Catalog of many of the animals being offered and see that Leveldale Quality in motion!

We hope you enjoy the offering in person, over the phone or bid on-line at DVAuction.com. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!!!

Les Mathers
Leveldale Farms


Offering Semen Interest in Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y

A Rare TRANSFORMATIONAL Opportunity for Investment!
Semen is not available on the open market!

Although only a 4 y/old, he has been highly documented for Direct Calving Ease, Birth Weight and Growth. He adds exceptional rib shape and fleshing ability to his offspring. All of this, combined with tremendous structural soundness, eye appeal and fertility!

His offspring show rapid growth up to a year of age, but moderate in mature size and are low maintenance. He has sons that have been sold into various environments across the country and they are adapting well!

Taylor Made will be on site sale day for all to evaluate, as well as several offspring that will be offered throughout the sale.

This Bull and his progeny could TRANSFORM your herd.



Now offering all-natural hormone and antibiotic free high end delicious beef direct to you!

Now you don't have to be a cattle rancher to appreciate the quality we grow here at Leveldale. We are now offering our delicious corn fed all-natural beef by the quarters, halves and wholes, packaged exactly how you want it.

You haven't tasted quality beef until you have had Leveldale Beef! Click here for more details!

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Leveldale Farms, located in Mason City Illinois, has been supplying quality Shorthorn genetics since 1852. In the past, we have been called " The Headquarters For Herd Bulls ", and that remains true today. If you are looking for quality herd sires, Leveldale is the place to find them. We offer breeding stock, show steers, and heifer prospects, as well as the highest quality semen and embryos for use with your current herd.

A Rainbow At Leveldale FarmsAt Leveldale, we are continually working to improve our herds through selection, and purchase. We are a no-confinement operation, and we take our stewardship of the land that supports us very seriously.

We welcome you to our site, and hope you will visit us at the farm someday soon! Please contact us any time with your questions or comments.

Leveldale Farms
Mathers - Conniff

American Shorthorn Association
Cows in the pasture at Leveldale Farms

2007 American Shorthorn Association "Builder Of The Breed" award winner.
The 3rd generation at Leveldale to win this award selected by fellow breeders.

Read About The Long History of Leveldale Farms

Leveldale Farms was established in 1852 and has been working in the cattle industry since then to improve bloodlines, breed quality stock, and create a strong reputation backed by knowledge and experience. Take a moment to learn about our long proud history. READ MORE...

Scott Wall

Scott Wall originally from Bradford, IL grew up raising and showing Angus cattle. He gradutated from Black Hawk East Community College in 2002 and Michigan State in 2004 with a degree in Animal Science. He was an active member of the livestock judging team at both BHE and Michigan State. After college, Scott's strong interest in Bovine Reproduction pushed him to further his education and attend Embryo Transfer schooling. After many years of hands on experience, Scott's goal of turning his passion into a buisness became a reality in May of 2011 with the help of Leveldale Farms.