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Leveldale Farms

Established 1852, Mason City Illinois

"Top quality genetics in Shorthorn, and Durham Reds "

Great cattle and great people make for a great sale.

Thanks to all of the bidders and buyers for making the Ladies of Leveldale INVESTMENT Sale a huge success!

Bowman Superior Genetics, Peak View Ranch, and Leveldale Farms all thank those who attended in person,
by phone and on the internet. We believe there were many good INVESTMENTS made on Saturday!!

The "Leveldale Family" thanks all who helped make the INVESTMENT Sale a success.

October 26th, 2013 11:00 A.M.
Mason City, IL


Ladies of Leveldale Sale Video CatalogWe believe the Ladies of Leveldale INVESTMENT Sale offers some for the most unique individuals and genetics seen in the beef industry!

The Bowman and Leone families have consigned GREAT additions to the sale and represent some of the best documented genetics In attractive packages in the Shorthorn World. Many do not realize the effort and constant focus on genetic improvement by these two firms joining Leveldale. Their documentation includes top carcass performance.

You will be evaluating cattle from herds with advanced genetic offerings. Leveldale prides its self in avoiding single trait selection. MULTI-TRAIT SELECTION for "Elastic" cattle that can adopt and thrive in many environments is our goal. RERPRODUCTION and low maintenance traits are necessities for our program!

We raise many cattle ready to join the Elite Show ranks, but they also must fit into our modest nutrition, low maintenance, calve every year program. None of our cattle in the sale have had feet trimmed. The calves received no creep feed. We want you to know what you are buying and INVEST in what you want. Calves from our last sale became state fair champions and leading foundation females and bulls in herds across the nation.

We are offering top calves and young productive females - a true production sale. We are also offering a small group of service age bulls from top females.

We bring to you for your assessment very special genetic combinations with detailed data supporting them. They also have the eye appeal and structural soundness to help take your program forward in the show ring and on the ranch or farm.

For example, two of our top cut of bred heifers in the sale offer multi-generation low maintenance, no calving assistance or other costly issues while having carcass ultrasounds in the top 1 percent of the Shorthorn breed in marbling and rib eye size. This is even more impressive in a breed that excels in carcass traits.

These same heifers and others offered could have won many fairs if fed and groomed for that target. One was in the Champion Pen at National Western Stock Show this year.

Remember what the first Les Mathers said "You INVEST your money in Good Shorthorns. You Spend it on Poor ones."


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If you can't make the auction in person, you can bid online in "real-time"!

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    HOURS PRIOR TO THE AUCTION.  A DV representative will notify you
    once you have been approved.
  3. Tune in for the sale and make your purchases!

    See the Ladies of Leveldale Sale Catalog for more details!

Learn more about Leveldale's breeding program.

Learn more about the rich history at Leveldale Farms

Leveldale Farms featured in Shorthorn Country Magazine

Published by the American Shorthorn Association.  www.shorthorn.org

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"The Summit" 2013 National Shorthorn Sale
Jan 20th Denver, CO

Champion Pen of 3 Heifers at NWSS 2013

This group of heifers had a rib eye of 1.53/100cwt a ratio that was above all but one pen of bulls exibited.
These heifers all calved unassisted as did there dams and grand dams. They were raised without creep feed in one of our hottest and most dry summers on record.  Their EPDs are on the flier posted for the sale catolog. Their average birth weight was less than 85lbs. There average age was 10 months and they had an average weight of over 800 lbs with a 5.4 frame average.

They were stalled with one of our bull calves who was also 10 months of age. He scanned a high of all bulls scanned in the yards at 1.65REA/CWT. This solid cherry red calf was Leveldale Rocky 227Z. Full possession was purchased in Denver by Waukaru Farms.

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Now you don't have to be a cattle rancher to appreciate the quality we grow here at Leveldale. We are now offering our delicious corn fed all-natural beef by the quarters, halves and wholes, packaged exactly how you want it.

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Leveldale Farms, located in Mason City Illinois, has been supplying quality Shorthorn genetics since 1852. In the past, we have been called " The Headquarters For Herd Bulls ", and that remains true today. If you are looking for quality herd sires, Leveldale is the place to find them. We offer breeding stock, show steers, and heifer prospects, as well as the highest quality semen and embryos for use with your current herd.

A Rainbow At Leveldale FarmsAt Leveldale, we are continually working to improve our herds through selection, and purchase. We are a no-confinement operation, and we take our stewardship of the land that supports us very seriously.

We welcome you to our site, and hope you will visit us at the farm someday soon! Please contact us any time with your questions or comments.

Leveldale Farms
Mathers - Conniff

American Shorthorn Association
Cows in the pasture at Leveldale Farms

2007 American Shorthorn Association "Builder Of The Breed" award winner.
The 3rd generation at Leveldale to win this award selected by fellow breeders.

Read About The Long History of Leveldale Farms

Leveldale Farms was established in 1852 and has been working in the cattle industry since then to improve bloodlines, breed quality stock, and create a strong reputation backed by knowledge and experience. Take a moment to learn about our long proud history. READ MORE...

Scott Wall

Scott Wall originally from Bradford, IL grew up raising and showing Angus cattle. He gradutated from Black Hawk East Community College in 2002 and Michigan State in 2004 with a degree in Animal Science. He was an active member of the livestock judging team at both BHE and Michigan State. After college, Scott's strong interest in Bovine Reproduction pushed him to further his education and attend Embryo Transfer schooling. After many years of hands on experience, Scott's goal of turning his passion into a buisness became a reality in May of 2011 with the help of Leveldale Farms.