Leveldale Beef: Understanding Cuts Of Beef

Understanding Cuts Of Beef

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If you have never ordered beef direct from the producer, you will find it is a little different from what you experience in the grocery store, and much more delicious. Beef is sold by the quarter, half, or whole, but this does not mean that you get meat from one particular area on the animal.

The beef is harvested, butchered, and then divided up evenly. Most beef cuts come from a specific area on the animal, but when it is packaged, the cuts are divided evenly if you order less than a whole. For more information on where your favorite cuts originate, click on the numbered areas of the image above, or on the list below.

  1. Chuck - Chuck arm, pot roast, chuck shoulder steak, chuck eye steak, chuck top blade steak, chuck mock tender steak, chuck 7-bone pot roast, chuck short ribs.
  2. Rib - Rib roast, rib steak, ribeye roast, ribeye steak, back ribs.
  3. Short Loin - Tom loin (strip) steak, t-bone steak, porterhouse steak, tenderloin roast, tenderloin steaks.
  4. Sirloin - Top sirloin steak, tri-tip roast, tri-tip steak.
  5. Round - Top round steak, round tip steak, round tip roast, bottom round roast, eye round roast, eye round steak.
  6. Shank - See brisket.
  7. Brisket - Shank cross cut, whole brisket, flat cut brisket.
  8. Plate - See flank.
  9. Flank - Skirt steak, flank steak
  10. Other cuts - Ground beef, cubed steak, beef for kabobs, beef for stew, beef for stir-fry.

An example order:

This is an example of an actual packing order from Atlanta Locker Service for a packaged quarter. There are 2 steaks per package, and the steaks are cut 3/4 inch thick. Note that the purchaser chose not to order some of the cuts. Most cuts not ordered as steak or roast etc, will be packaged as hamburger. This is an order for one quarter. Amounts indicated will vary by animal.

    One Quarter (for whole, multiply by 4)

  • Stew Meat - none
  • Round Steak - 10 (20 steaks)
  • Sirloin Steak - 4 (8 steaks)
  • T-bone Steak - 3 (6 steaks)
  • Porterhouse - 3 (6 steaks)
  • Swiss Steak - 1 (2 steaks)
  • Rump Roast - 2 (4 steaks)
  • Chuck Steak - none
  • Prime Rib Roast - none
  • Sirloin Tip Roast - 1 (2 steaks)
  • Short Ribs - none
  • Chuck Roast - 5
  • Ground Beef - 49 lbs. (1 pound packages)
  • Liver - 3 packages
  • Heart & Tongue - 1
  • Boiling Beef - none
  • Soup Bones - none
  • Beef Patties - none
  • Ribeye Steak - 5 (10 steaks)
  • Rib Steak - none
  • Cube Steak - none
  • Heel Roast - 1
  • Flank Steak - 1 (2 steaks)
  • Arm Roast - 2 (4 steaks)

These are some examples of what you can order, but it can all be customized to your desire by altering what cuts you order, steak thickness, etc. Rest assured that we will be happy to help you with your selection if you have never ordered beef direct from the producer before. When you order from Leveldale Farms you know that you are getting high quality beef direct from the source!

For more beef information, cooking tips, recipes, and FAQs, check out www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com

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