Shorthorns Herd Photos

These are just some shots from around the farm. If you see anything you are interested in or want more detail on, just contact us.



6 y/o cow


6 y/o cow

2  cows,  1193 and 032

Yearling Leveldale bred heifers out with a Leveldale yearling bull end of May 2009.

A group of yearling heifers raised on grass.

3 yearling heifers out in pasture.

Cows grazing and raising calves spring 2009


6 y/o cow

By Grand Canyon

By Grand Canyon out of 2 year old Red Ryders Drive daughter:

By Grand Canyon out of 3 year old Ar Su Lu Masterplan daughter:

By Ar Su Lu Masterplan 355x:

By Peak View Moet:

3 month old daughter of Peak View MOET out of 4 year old Ar Su Lu Vann x RB Eagle 148

By RB Eagle 148:

By RB Eagle 148 out of Victoria:


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Scott Wall

Scott Wall originally from Bradford, IL grew up raising and showing Angus cattle. He gradutated from Black Hawk East Community College in 2002 and Michigan State in 2004 with a degree in Animal Science. He was an active member of the livestock judging team at both BHE and Michigan State. After college, Scott's strong interest in Bovine Reproduction pushed him to further his education and attend Embryo Transfer schooling. After many years of hands on experience, Scott's goal of turning his passion into a buisness became a reality in May of 2011 with the help of Leveldale Farms.